Harava - Harava Demo Survey
Harava - Harava Demo Survey
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1/3 Welcome to a demo survey

    Welcome to a Harava Demo Survey!

    This survey has been designed to demonstrate the main functionalities of Harava tool.

    This survey doesn't have a closing date and will be always open. Feel free to test and submit test responses if you feel like it.

    Please do enjoy!
    2/3 Current status

      Describe the current situation in your city

      Please give us feedback on how you see the current transport situation in your city

      1. Select the words that best describe the current situation

      2. What is the time that you typically use public transport? Select all that apply
      3. How satisfied are you with the following aspects of transportation?
      Public transport routes
      Main streets
      Bike lanes
      4. Rate your overall satisfaction
      Extremely unsatisfied
      Extremely satisfied
      Please tell us anything else you would like us to consider.
      5. Free comments
      Marks left: 250
      3/3 Please give us your ideas and suggestions
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